Division Book Release

Vol. 3, No. 10


The Ultimate Lawyer Quote Book


The Ultimate Lawyer Quote Book: Words of Wisdom and Humor

Compiled by Malcolm Kushner


With more than 1,000 quotes from 500 people, The Ultimate Lawyer Quote Book is the wordsmith's treasure chest of quotable gems designed especially for the lawyer. Smart, funny things to say are in abundance here from the likes of Melvin Belli, Felix Frankfurter, Hugo Black as well as such non-jurists as Woody Allen, Winston Churchill, and, of course, Oprah!

Topics include the usual suspects of torts, contracts, ethics, litigation, evidence, and argumentation. Lawyers can be eloquent, quick-witted, and downright funny with these poignant pearls of truth.

Malcolm Kushner has compiled a true bank of clever comebacks that will delight the lawyer or the lawyer in your life.


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PC: 5150467
ISBN: 978-1-62722-413-0


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