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Vol. 3, No. 12


Committee Highlight

The Agricultural Law Committee

The GPSolo Agriculture Law Committee is designed for lawyers who practice in the small firm or solo practitioner setting. Agriculture law touches upon nearly every area of law. It is just geared toward a specific industry. This committee helps facilitate conversation and educational events on the following areas:

  • farm/ranch estate planning;
  • agribusiness succession planning;
  • farm/ranch divorces;
  • agriculture taxation;
  • environmental regulation on agriculture;
  • food and agriculture policy;
  • business law and commercial litigation as it applies to agriculture;
  • grant writing for farms and agribusinesses;
  • food/ag insurance (e.g., crop insurance, livestock insurance, product liability insurance, environmental insurance);
  • equine law;
  • food/ag intellectual property;
  • food safety and labeling;
  • property and land use law;
  • international food and agriculture law;
  • biotechnology;
  • animal law (e.g., livestock space/confinement);
  • criminal law (e.g., livestock animal welfare, livestock trespass, livestock space);
  • fiber and leather production;
  • urban/ suburban agriculture;
  • agritourism/agritainment;
  • tort law (e.g., Right-to-Farm law); and,
  • alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

The Committee has put on several webinars on myriad topics including: crop/livestock insurance, renewable energy law, local food law, food labeling, ag employment/labor law, and 1031 exchanges. The committee is currently working on webinars for the Farm Bill and equine law.

Please make sure to join the Committee discussion list. If you are interested in getting involved, please email Cari Rincker at or call her at 212-427-2049.


Member Spotlight

Alexander P. Fersa

2014–2015 Chair, Law Student Committee and Liaison, Law Student Division




Hometown: Wayne, New Jersey

Law School: Barry University School of Law, Orlando, Florida

Undergraduate Institution: Rutgers University, New Jersey

Law Practice Areas Interested In: Real Property, Probate and Trust Law

Law School Involvement: Student Bar Association Senator 2013-2014, RPPTL Secretary 2014-2015, and ABA Vice Representative 2014-2015

ABA Involvement: ABA Vice Representative and Law Student Division Liaison to the Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division

Dream Legal Job: Starting and owning a small- to medium-sized law firm

When I was younger, I wanted . . . to be a professional freestyle skier

Contact Information: Alexander P. Fersa,, 97- 800-0674.


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