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Committee Highlight

The Elder Law Committee

The Elder Law Committee is directed toward general practitioners and more experienced elder law attorneys. The committee consistently sponsors programs at the Annual Meeting, which focus on advanced topics for the more experienced elder lawyer. This committee also focuses on improving estate planning skills, substantive law knowledge, and office procedures for the attorney who practices estate planning, probate, and trust law. This committee also serves as a network resource in educating attorneys regarding elder law situations.


Past Events/Announcements:

  • Monthly email communications are sent to members.
  • Invited members to the NJ State Bar Association Summer Happy Hour at the Jersey Shore
  • Shared article, “Wills/Power of Attorney/Codicil - Client at Initial Appointment,” authored by Co-Chair Kenneth Vercammen.
  • Next Conference Call is scheduled for Monday, September 8, at 4:00 Eastern, open to volunteer leaders in any ABA entity with an interest in developing programing on issues relating to aging and law. If you are interested, please contact David to be added to the invitation list.


  • Invite members to submit articles for the GPSolo Magazine.
  • Monthly email communications are sent to committee members.
  • Approved by the GPSolo Publications Board, Ken Vercammen is writing the book Wills and Estate Administration Practice.
  • Ken Vercammen has a mentoring opportunity is New Jersey available for a new lawyer or an attorney looking to gain experience.

We welcome your participation in the committee, whether you take an active part in a project or a program or attend our conference calls and meetings. Please feel free to participate in our list serve and discussions. Any suggestions for links to resource materials and programs or topics for discussion would be helpful.

We look forward to working with you and the legal community with updates and insights into the practice of the committee.

Best wishes!
Kenneth Vercammen and Kristi Vetri
Co-Chairs, Elder Law Committee


Member Spotlight

Captain Amanda Renee McNeil

GPSolo’s 2014–2015 Young Lawyers Fellows




Where do you live?

Alexandria, Virginia

What group do you practice with as an attorney?

Defense Appellate Division, United States Army Legal Services Agency, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, United States Army.

How long have you been practicing law?

Three and a half years.

When I was young, I wanted . . .

To grow up to be like my mother and father, who happen to both be practicing attorneys.

What is your favorite part of your role as an attorney?

The diversity of the different people that I get to interact with in my different assignments, from clients and witnesses, to peers and supervisors.

What in your profession are you most passionate about as an attorney?

This profession is dependent upon continuing to learn new information and competencies. We are not just encouraged to stay up to date in our education: it is critical that we do so. Continuing to learn from classes and those around me is what makes this profession so interesting and rewarding.

How long have you been a member of the ABA?

I have been coming to the ABA meetings for as long as I could walk. I used to call going to the expo to get candy and goodies from the vendors “trick-or-treating” with my siblings.

What ABA sections or groups do you belong to?


What do you find most valuable about the ABA?

Especially as a military attorney, I have found it to be immensely helpful to have access to the resources, CLEs, and programs that the ABA has to offer.

How has ABA benefitted you personally or professionally?

The Military Pro Bono Project and Operation Stand-By were both there when I needed them as a legal assistance attorney. Additionally, the mentors that I have found through the ABA have helped welcome me to the profession.

Do you belong to any other professional organizations?

Not currently.

Other awards or honors?

GPSolo’s 2014–2015 Young Lawyers Fellowship Program

Contact Information

CPT Amanda Renee McNeil, 614-571-6037, or


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