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Vol. 3, No. 4


Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act, 4th ed.


Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act, 4th Ed.

By William D. Goren


This new edition of Understanding the ADA delves deeper into many of the complex topics of disability claims. The updates offer expanded guidance on remedies if the law is violated; advice on when you have a right to sue; the statute of limitations for ADA claims; when a complaint will survive a motion to dismiss; and whether a class-action is a viable thing to pursue. There are new areas of discussion regarding standing, when a complaint is sufficient, statute of limitations, and mixed-motive jury instructions, and additional information on disparate treatment cases, class actions, jury selection, and Batson challenges.

Expanded and new topics include:

  • ADA as it relates to sports including the Office of Civil Rights guidance on § 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
  • Utilizing negligence and negligence per se actions as an alternative to title III claims
  • Highly detailed chapter on remedies and procedural issues
  • Improved checklists and litigation forms


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