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Upcoming GPSolo CLE

Counseling Farmers, Food Entrepreneurs, and Restaurants on Food Labeling Laws

Thursday, May 30, 2013

1:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. Central


This food law CLE will cover myriad food and alcohol labeling issues affecting food entrepreneurs, restaurants, and agriculture producers that sell their products directly to the consumer. The CLE will give an overview of the regulatory framework at the federal, state, and local levels explaining the roles of various government agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The CLE will also briefly discuss the following:

  •  Labeling of fish, meat, poultry and eggs sold in interstate commerce vs. intrastate commerce (including egg and meat grades)
  • Labeling of alcoholic beverages sold in interstate commerce vs. intrastate commerce
  • Food Allergen Labeling & Consumer Protection Act
  • FDA “front of package” labels
  • Nutrient claims
  • National Organic Program
  • Ambiguous and (oftentimes) misunderstood food descriptions on labels (e.g., “natural,” “healthy,” “local,” “cage free,” “free range,” “pure,” “fresh squeezed,” “high fiber,” “grass-fed,” “pasture-fed,” “humane”)
  • USDA Process Verified Programs (e.g., nonhormone treated verified beef cattle, antibiotic free verified beef cattle, naturally raised)
  • Marketing claims, including Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) animal raising claims (e.g., “Angus beef”)
  • Labeling for cottage food operations (i.e., home-based kitchens)
  • Labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • Labeling for kosher and halal food
  • Labeling in a restaurant (including nutrient content claims, health claims, dietary guidance, use of undefined terms, and ready-to-eat foods not for immediate consumption)


Program Faculty: Dr. Stan Benda, barrister & solicitor, adjunct professor, Osgoode Hall Law School and Ryerson University Business School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Jason Foscolo, principal/owner, Jason Foscolo LLC, Sag Harbor, NY; Alan A. Fowler, principal/owner, Alan Fowler Law, PLLC, Key West, FL; Erin Hawley, associate professor, University of Missouri, School of Law, Columbia, MO; Leon J. Letter, principal/owner, Law Offices of Leon J. Letter, PLLC, Flushing, MI; Lindsey Peebles, principal/owner, Law Offices of Lindsey Peebles, Austin, TX; Amy Salberg, principal/owner, Salberg Law, LLC, West Bend, WI; Jean Terranova, principal/owner, Law Office of Jean Terranova, Boston, MA; Cari Rincker (Moderator), principal/owner, Rincker Law, PLLC, New York, NY

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Past GPSolo CLE—Available Online

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Faculty: Rachel Armstrong, Kimberly Clarke, Edward Cox, Karen Eichman, Maggy Gregory, Jennifer Jambor, Arthur N. Read, Art Reid, and Cari B. Rincker


Trademark Fundamentals: The United States Patent and Trademark Office Federal Registration Process

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Faculty: Maureen Beacom Gorman, Dawn Cassie, Rene LaForte Guess, and Joseph “Casey” Mangan


The Law, the Ethics and the Science of Litigating With a Diminished Capacity Client

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Faculty: Dr. Daniel J. Marson, Bruce F. Rogers, Rebecca C. Morgan


Storm Claims 101: A Guide to Presenting Hurricane and Windstorm Insurance Claims for Your Client

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Faculty: Maureen Cunningham, Charles R. Gallagher III, Traci B. Taylor


The UCC for the General Practitioner

(Online Course)

Product Code: CET12UGPCDR

Faculty: Steven O. Weise, Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP, Los Angeles, CA


Counseling the Local Food Movement: What a Practitioner Should Know

(Online Course)

Product Code: CET12LFMCDR

Faculty: Cari Rincker (Moderator), Dr. Stan Benda, Derrick Braaten, Jason Foscolo, Professor Neil Hamilton, Professor Erin Hawley, Leon J. Letter, Professor Jesse J. Richardson, Jr., Professor Patricia Salkin and Richard E. Schell


Crop and Livestock Insurance Law from the Ground Up

(Online Course)

Product Code: CET12CRGCDR

Faculty: Cari B. Rincker (Moderator), Beth Angus Baumstark, William K. Crispin, Brion B. Doyle, Julie I. Fershtman, Charles D. Lee, Michael D. Martin and P. John Owen


Analytical Steps to a Well-Organized, Concise, and Engaging Trial: How to Impress the Judge
(Online Course)

Product Code: CET12ASWOLC

Faculty: Steven Peskind and Anita M. Ventrelli


Individuals and International Companies Doing Business in the United States: Investor Visa Issues
(Online Course)

Product Code: CET12IVOOLC

Faculty: Mayra L. Calo and Bernard Wolfsdorf


Other CLE


ABA FREE CLE Premier Speaker Series

ABA Members can now earn free continuing legal education credits through ABA programs featuring today’s most influential legal practitioners. The ABA introduces a free monthly CLE Premier Speaker Series. Earn up to 18 hours of CLE credit as part of your ABA membership. The CLE Premier Speaker Series is just one of the ways that we’re increasing the value of membership and advancing the legal profession. For more information, visit


Future Friday Seminars: Strengthening Your Practice Through Technology

May 3, 2013–June 21, 2013

Register for the entire series to earn 9 CLE credits for the low price of $150!

The practice of law continues to undergo profound changes, and much of this evolution is driven by technology. Recognizing that today’s lawyers benefit from ongoing education in the latest technological innovations affecting the practice of law, the ABA Standing Committee on Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS StCmte), the Delivery of Legal Services Committee, and the Prepaid and Group Legal Services Committee developed a six-part, curriculum for webcast delivery which will be taught by expert attorneys, covering such diverse topics as:

  • Paperless and virtual offices
  • Document assembly and automation
  • Alternative billing approaches
  • Building a client-centered practice
  • The future of the legal profession itself

 In addition to the six online webinars, the series will also feature two call-in sessions to supplement the curriculum and to provide practical guidance to practitioners seeking to implement the best practices addressed in the series. Each substantive session will be 90 minutes and include Q & A. The two call-in sessions will be 60 minutes each.


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