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Vol. 2, No. 7


Committee Highlight

International Law Committee Is Expanding Horizons and Meeting Challenges



International Law issues are increasingly, inevitably part of everyday life, and the members of GPSolo and the International Law Committee are necessarily becoming more and more exposed to challenges that deserve specific expertise for the benefit of our clients. The very nature of GPSolo complements this interplay effort and benefits by goodwill on a mutual basis with ABA members-at-large. There are 78 members on this fast-growing committee.

The International Law Committee deals with issues concerning both public and private international law. It is also actively working to enhance the ability of the general practitioner to “surf” the Internet through a series of ongoing “hands-on” programs. The committee follows the activities involving the Central and Eastern Law Initiative (CEELI) of the ABA.

General practitioners providing legal services within small and solo firms, or boutiques (where specialty areas are the pith and marrow of the work), in the United States and in any other country, thanks to fellow members of the ABA, will effectively have access to contributions, updates, thoughts, and suggestions indirectly stemming from more structured firms through liaison among ABA Committees in different sections/divisions.

Our new Co-Chair for the International Law Committee, Giuseppe Lorenzo Rosa, is also the Vice Chair of Committee Europe as well as a member of the Steering Committee respectively of China Committee and International Commercial Transactions-Franchising-Distribution Committee within Section of International Law, and a member of the Tort, Trial, & Insurance Practice Section. With Ignacio Pinto-Leon, fellow Co-Chair of the GPSolo International Law Committee, they are addressing current and future needs of our GPSolo members. They have a united agenda for bridging international practices. The leaders of this committee have captured the “moving forward” leadership initiative of the Division. These connections definitely enhance liaison efforts among with the noted committees and GPSolo.

For more details about this committee, go their website page. Also, contact Giuseppe Rosa at +39-045-8030630 or, and Ignacio Pinto-Leon at 1-713-338-2879 or, if you are interested in joining this committee, bringing your expertise, or wanting more information the upcoming initiatives. Look for more information on leadership of the committee in next month’s Member Spotlight.


Member Spotlight


Theodore E. Lorenz


1. Where do you live?
Penn Valley, Pennsylvania (just outside Philadelphia).


2. What group do you practice with as an attorney?
Flitter Lorenz, P.C. Our practice is devoted to consumer protection.


3. How long have you been practicing law?
I have been practicing for almost 20 years. I am licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


4. When I was young, I wanted to be . . .  
A lawyer from an early age (after realizing, of course, I would not be a professional basketball player).


5. What is your favorite part of your role as an attorney?
My favorite part of being an attorney is helping people through a difficult time and resolving a problematic situation.


6. What in your profession are you most passionate about?
I am most passionate about helping people through a challenging situation.


7. What is the most interesting experience you have had in the legal profession?
I serve in the reserve Judge Advocate General Corps. In 2007, I was deployed to Afghanistan and handled a variety of interesting matters.


8. How long have you been a member of the ABA?
I am relatively new to the ABA and joined in the last year.


9. What ABA sections or groups do you belong to?
Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division and the following committees: Brown Bag Sessions Committee; and Co-Chair―Consumer Protection Committee.


10. What do you find most valuable about the ABA?
ABA is valuable because of the resources available to members and the opportunity to interact with attorneys across the country.


11. How has ABA benefitted you personally or professionally?
I have enjoyed participating in continuing legal education sessions. The opportunity to meet other lawyers around the country is excellent.


12. Do you belong to any other professional organizations?
Yes, the National Association of Consumer Advocates.


Contact info:

Theodore Lorenz
Flitter Lorenz PC
450 North Narberth Avenue, Suite 200
Narberth, PA 19072-1822
Telephone: 610-822-0781


Tips for New Members


Have you checked out our Small Business Library lately? The online resource has numerous forms for your quick reference and will save several hours of time. Go to Advising the Small Business Library on the GPSolo website. It is loaded with forms in 14 categories for your immediate use. Yes, that’s 14 areas that you do not need start from the beginning again. These are downloadable documents in PDF and Microsoft Word format. You will feel good about all of the time saved by downloading these forms, and the forms can be revised for specific needs or preferences.

In particular, the Protecting Intellectual Property has five documents comprising 18 pages. This e-document will assist when protecting intellectual property for small business. The specific documents in included are:

  • One-Way Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
  • Trade Secrets Agreement
  • Technical Consulting Agreement
  • Trademark Assignment

This information is available in both PDF and Microsoft Word format.

At this time, there are 14 substantive areas in the Small Business Library including: Forms for Representing Small Business; Business Plan Forms; Contracts for Small Businesses; Legal Structures Small Businesses; Forms for Organizing or Cleaning Up a Corporation; Forms for Cleaning Up an LLC; Forms for Organizing or Cleaning Up a Partnership; Founders and Advisors Agreements and Forms; Raising Money Through Private Placements Forms; Seed Financing and Angel Investors Forms; Venture Capital Forms; Forms for Hiring Employees; Forms for Hiring Employees; Forms Providing Equity Incentives to Employees; and Forms for Liquidity Events. These great resources will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step because of all of the time you will save in crafting documents, not to mention a more immediate engagement with our client and staff. We are always adding more informational resources to the business forms library to keep it current. Check back for additions. Access this info now here.


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