June 2012

Collaborating in the Cloud

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Collaborating in the Cloud

With your data living "in the cloud," secure collaboration on aspects of a case with a client has become a reality.

Just because you are representing someone other than a consumer debtor doesn't mean you get a free pass under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act.

Find out the keys to developing a relationship to help a witness through the maze.

Unless the environment, the friendship, the neighborhood, and the workplace are inviting, fair, and respectful, diversity is not going to thrive.

All of a lawyer's legal training and professional expertise is directed toward solving the client's problems. Negotiation is the primary tool for doing just that.

This book excerpt will help your clients understand what they are getting into when divorce proceedings begin.

Macs are becoming a bigger target for malware purveyors. Learn how to keep yours safe.


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