Product Note: Web-Based Calendaring for Small Firms

Vol. 1, No. 3

Ross Veta is the Senior Attorney at Veta & Veta Attorneys At Law. Mr. Veta is licensed in California State and US Federal Courts and has been practicing law since 2000. Mr. Veta is an accomplished professional civil litigator with additional expertise in complex motion practice, contracts, contracts law, real estate, risk management, personal injury, and public interest issues. Mr. Veta has also served as corporate attorney, and professional negotiator for Fortune 500 companies. With extensive experience, expertise, and demonstrated success in all aspects of civil litigation and representation of hundreds of individual and business entities, Mr. Veta is highly regarded as one of the top attorneys in California.


Our business litigation firm handles scores of complex cases each year, each with their own unique set of activities, motions, hearing dates, and deadlines and each with their own set of moving targets throughout the complex litigation processes. Knowing that calendaring is one of the most vital aspects of litigation, in addition to being one of the biggest potential issues as it relates to missed court deadlines and malpractice risk, we acquired the original version of when it was first introduced as Deadlines On Demand (DOD) in 2006. In its original form, DOD provided the basics of what we needed to make sure that our deadlines were identified well in advance and that we could prepare for them in a timely manner. Little did we know that this was just the beginning of something even better.

We were introduced to the new earlier in 2011. The new site and service included a spectrum of improvements. In fact, it was a new product all together and, like its predecessor, established as a pay-as-you-go, affordable service. Although DOD was a useful tool for our practice, the new also helps us with client service. is like having a virtual assistant in our pockets that keeps us up to date on all of the myriad calendar and court requirements, and even “taps us on the shoulder” when we need to prepare for upcoming dates.

In our practice, we have integrated with Microsoft Outlook Calendar to update our calendars, send us reminders, and update new court requirements. Syncing our smartphones allows us all to take our calendars with us, keeping us all updated on the go. includes the ability to preset advance notifications and reminders of all of our important litigation and court deadlines and dates and have those notifications delivered wherever and whenever we need and want—so we know exactly what the status is of our case and what we need to plan for in upcoming deadlines. also notifies us when the court requirements have changed so that we can quickly react to each one. even allows us to recalculate all of our critical dates when the court throws us a “curveball” like a change in hearing or trial date.

In addition to synchronization/integration with Outlook, with we generate, email and print reports filtered by case, event, as well as various date ranges; view on-screen calendars with graphical views of all our attorney’s deadlines; and keep an offsite copy of critical deadlines in case of disaster.

We’ve found the interface to be easy to navigate right from the start and were very pleased with the customer support provided. Combining with Outlook and syncing it on our smartphones has made this an indispensable tool for our practice. I actually have no idea how we could operate without and recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and affordable law firm calendaring and critical date calculation solution.


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