October 2011

Making a Case for Restorative Justice

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Making a Case for Restorative Justice

Although programs that comprise portions of the restorative justice ideal have existed for many years, the concept of a holistic umbrella under which restorative programs can thrive is relatively new.

Although the survey is frequently referenced by legal technologists and IT for purchasing reasons, it is increasingly of interest to law firm administrators and attorneys with firms of all sizes.

Combining Deadlines.com with Outlook and syncing it on your smartphones may create an indispensable tool for your practice.

It started almost like a Mickey Spillane mystery. The client walked in. Young, tall, slender, exotically beautiful. And crying. Functionally disinherited. Could I help?

Some family law practices are beginning to integrate virtual law offices into their traditional firm structures to provide online, unbundled legal services.

The LLC liability shield should protect individual members from LLC debts, obligations, and liabilities.

Two estate planning trust worksheets to help you in your practice.

Find out all about wraparound mortgage (also called a piggyback mortgage), a special type of second mortgage.


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