The New eReport

Vol. 1, No. 1


As you look at this eReport, you probably get the feeling that something about it seems new and different (if you don’t, you should). The GPSolo eReport will come to your inbox once a month starting with this issue. It will replace all of the electronic newsletters that you have previously received intermittently from the GPSSF Division. We have adopted this new approach to give you more consistent information from the Division about your practice and the Division itself, to give you more regular contact with the Division, and to relieve your inbox of the strain of receiving multiple electronic newsletters.


You should also notice that we have improved the format of the newsletters in the process of creation of the GPSolo eReport. We hope you find the new format easier and more enjoyable to read.


Each issue of the eReport will contain substantive law information, practice management tips, technology reports, product/book reviews, and information about the activities of the Solo, Small Firm & General Practice Division of the American Bar Association. Each of those subjects has an editor in charge of that topic. Those editors are:


Law Trends: Jim Schwartz


Practice Management News: Evan Loeffler


Technology and Product Reviews: Aviva Cuyler


Division News: Kim Anderson


The columns you have enjoyed reading in the various electronic newsletters will continue in the GPSolo eReport as well.


We always look for new content and new authors for the eReport. If you have something you would like to write about, please contact the appropriate department editor and discuss the requirements for publication.


We look forward to hearing from you.



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