August 2011

Chair's Introduction

Featured Article

Chair's Introduction

The Division Chair looks ahead to the coming year.

Estate planners need to be aware of the types of clients whose documents are most likely to be challenged.

How do you avoid a mess when a move involves a child whose parents do not live together?

Are you able to spot basic entertainment client issues and counsel accordingly?

Learn to recognize and appreciate the unique features of each country in Asia to help you succeed and negotiate.

A properly negotiated contract of purchase and sale will eliminate most problems between the parties.

Thinking through the setup of a reliable network system can generate client satisfaction and cash flow.

A wealth of resources is available for attorneys who have unexpectedly become disabled.

The regular column "Surviving Email" has a new focus: social media.

A diehard BlackBerry fan reviews the Playbook.

A review of three manuals for the iPad, including one specifically for lawyers.


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