March/April 2017: Representing Children

The Child Client

Cover Story

The Child Client

Building trust and having good communication are essential for a successful relationship with a child client.

This article addresses rules designed to protect children from unintentional disinheritance.

These useful tools will help your firm execute its online marketing campaigns, improve performance, and track results.

When representing a child in tort litigation arising out of alleged trauma, keep in mind that the effects of trauma can be serious and long-term.

School disciplinary proceedings differ dramatically from court cases and often lack due process.

The growth of ombuds programs bears witness to the need for a broader type of dispute resolution.

No criminal defense lawyer wants a reputation for casually revealing client information in public.

The Road Warrior compares these two tablets to determine which is the better mobile device for lawyers on the go.

Successfully interviewing your child client ultimately depends on respect.

A host of free note-taking apps are rich in features and work across both iOS and Mac OS X devices. Find the best one for you.

Diligence in the legal profession is an ethical mandate that far exceeds pre-transaction research.

The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show presented a fascinating collections of gadgets, from 3-D printers to virtual reality devices to smart-home technology.

Learn more about this cloud-based e-discovery solution for attorneys.

Check out these ABA books, CLE packages, and web resources to help you when representing children.

Chair-Elect Stephen D. Williams previews the 2017–2018 Bar Year and its theme, “Building All Relationships.”

Learn about the numerous networking opportunities and outstanding CLE programs on offer this May in Scottsdale, Arizona, and ready your applications for the Division’s Diversity and Young Lawyers Fellowships.


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