July/August 2017: Developing Your Greatest Resources

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) : Why Lawyers Need It to Succeed

Cover Story

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) : Why Lawyers Need It to Succeed

EQ skills are the differentiator between average lawyers and star performers.

Business development and client work generate revenues, but people management generates profits.

Many states that have decriminalized marijuana have issued no ethical guidance for attorneys.

Planning for autonomous vehicles can reduce environmental impacts and maximize opportunities.

Follow these guidelines when drafting a private or non-charitable purpose trust for your client.

What factors are most important to arbitrators in adjudicating cases of alleged police misconduct?

Utilize your networking skills to form a team of people you can count on to back you up, help you out, and dispel many of your anxieties.

Everyone should get involved in trying to protect net neutrality.

Those with the capability to generate relevant content consistently will capture “mind share,” which will increase market share.

Both versions of the MacBook Pro—the 13” and the 15”—can meet the needs of lawyers for their office, in court, and on the road.

It’s important to evaluate yourself, envision your future self, set goals, and take action on those goals.

These healthy living tips explore changes regarding parenting and will be useful for those with children, as well as grandparents, other relatives, and those who work with children.

Check out these ABA books and web resources to help you develop your greatest resources.

This year, GPSolo’s leadership was busy at work to help you “Be All the Attorney You Can Be.”

As we head into the 2017–2018 Bar Year, we’ll explore “Building All Relationships.” These important relationships may, in fact, be your greatest resource.

A look ahead at the 2017 Solo & Small Firm Summit in St. Paul, Minnesota; Difference Makers Awards call for nominations.

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July/August 2017 Issue Editors
Cedric Ashley (convening issue editor)
Ashley Hallene
Michael Ruttle
Eileen Sullivan
Thomas Tully


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