May/June 2016: Environmental Law

Starting a Niche Practice in Environmental Law

Cover Story

Starting a Niche Practice in Environmental Law

Prospective clients need to see your credentials, credibility, and expertise.

To some, the Endangered Species Act is perceived as the “pit bull” of environmental litigation.

Different stakeholders see different things when they look at houses and buildings abandoned during the mortgage crisis.

As the United States grows more polarized, policy mediation is likely to be embraced by the general public.

States continue to experiment with new and retooled drug taxes as they wrestle with rapid changes in the nation’s drug policy.

Welcome to our new column addressing the ways that solos and small firms can make the most of social media. Our first topic: how to use video to attract more business to your law firm.

Changing to an electronic storage system for your files can save your firm money—and can make it easier for you to work on the road.

There are few fields that so readily allow attorneys to influence public policy and see the consequences of their influence as environmental law.

It is never too late for a new beginning.

Check out these ABA books and web resources in environmental law.

All I really need to know I learned from a TV commercial, a rock song, and Dr. Seuss.

Meet the recipients of the 2016 Solo and Small Firm Lifetime Achievement Award and the 2016 Solo and Small Firm Trainer Award.

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May/June 2016 Issue Editors
Joan M. Durocher (convening issue editor)
Cedric Ashley
James M. Durant III
Ashley Hallene
Christine M. Meadows
Benjamin K. Sanchez


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