January/February 2016: What to Do When Things Go Wrong

How to Deliver Bad News to Your Client

Cover Story

How to Deliver Bad News to Your Client

When breaking bad news to your client, sooner is always better than later.

Acting in “protection mode” will torpedo any effort at succession planning.

Complications abound with the 1983 revisions to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

Family law attorneys must pay particular attention to trusts that surface in a divorce case.

Lapse of a life insurance policy often leads to litigation seeking either death benefits or reinstatement.

How can negotiators make the most of numbers’ promise without falling prey to their perils?

On the road, if anything can go wrong with technology, it will.

Analyze the essential core of your practice that must remain operational and plan accordingly.

Become a lifelong student and brush up on your writing, speaking, and leadership skills.

Check out these ABA books and web resources to help you out when things go wrong.

Murphy’s Law was not a pessimistic phrase, but rather a call for preventive measures.

GPSolo’s Nominating Committee selects candidates for secretary and five at-large members.

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January / February 2016 Issue Editors
Wells Anderson (convening issue editor)
Cedric Ashley
Aastha Madaan
Benjamin K. Sanchez


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