September/October 2015: Appellate Advocacy

So You Want to Be an Appellate Lawyer?

Issue Cover Story

So You Want to Be an Appellate Lawyer?

Do you possess the key characteristics shared by all good appellate lawyers? And how do you go about establishing a practice in this field?

The most significant changes to data breach litigation will likely come from regulators and legislatures, not courts.

How can parties to a successful mediation prevent an appellate court from ignoring their agreement?

The initial reluctance of the U.S. Supreme Court to get involved in the gay marriage debate is striking.

The rehabilitative impulses from 40 years ago have been countered by “tough on crime” rhetoric.

With tobacco use on the rise, Latin America is failing to live up to its obligations under human rights treaties.

A new solo appellate practitioner offers lessons she learned during her first year.

Tablets are ideal for the appellate lawyer in three key areas: preparation, drafting, and argument.

Will the Apple Watch be a good fit for you?

Colleagues, it’s time to wake up and make some changes in our fitness, legal practice, habits, and possibly legal career.

Check out these ABA books and web resources for advice on appellate advocacy.

What makes a lawyer a good advocate?

Renew your ABA membership, visit the newly reimagined Solo and Small Firm Resource Center, and take part in Immigration Training 101.


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