July/August 2015: Family Law

The Beginning of the End: Your First Meeting with a Family Law Client

Cover Story

The Beginning of the End: Your First Meeting with a Family Law Client

Your goal from the start is to have a satisfied, paying client who is a good fit with your practice.

Clients must feel confident that settlement is the best approach given the circumstances of their case.

In custody disputes involving unmarried same-sex couples, courts should use a simple, efficient test to determine standing.

The way that children are advised of their rights against self-incrimination requires nationwide reform.

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies need to improve their contracts and privacy policies.

Promising efforts are underway to help eliminate the poverty and dependence that ensnare many with disabilities.

The practice of family law can be very rewarding but also very draining; here are five tips to get you started and keep you going.

When you travel, you place data at inherently greater risk.

This issue we present several websites dealing with entertainment law—and several websites that are just plain entertaining.

Having faith does not mean being passive. Nothing will help us unless we help ourselves.

Check out these ABA books and web resources for advice on family law.

In the past year we reinforced our commitment to ensuring that members receive a return on their investment in the Division.

In the coming Bar Year we are going to work hard, do good, and have fun.

Learn more about the Division’s Solo & Small Firm Summit to be held this September in Boston, Massachusetts.

July/August 2015
Issue Editors
Alan E. DeWoskin (primary issue editor)
Rinky S. Parwani
Benjamin K. Sanchez
James Schwartz


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