September/October 2014: Litigation

Ten Tips for Developing Your Case Theme

Cover Story

Ten Tips for Developing Your Case Theme

Developing a theme is essential for success. These tips will help you eliminate what you don’t need and focus on the simple facts that tell your client’s story.

This overview of several common cognitive biases will help you understand how all humans—even judges and juries—make irrational decisions.

It is one thing to state unequivocally that the privilege does or does not survive the client’s death, but there are related practical questions to be considered.

When the client is knocking down your door to get the case resolved quickly, how do you respond?

There is an unmistakable trend in favor of raising the bar for obtaining class certification.

Here are four critical lessons that the author learned from years in daily practice.

In the courtroom, tablets offer significant advantages over laptops.

These free and inexpensive resources will help you prepare for, participate in, and win trials.

Take the author’s three-month challenge: Do something new each month to educate yourself, improve your health, and volunteer.

Check out these ABA books and web resources for advice on how to prepare for litigation.

Keep ROI in mind while reading this issue’s articles on basic litigation skills and the latest legal technology.

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James Schwartz (Primary Editor)
Sharon Campbell
Alan E. DeWoskin
Alan Klevan


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