March/April 2014: Disability Law

Unlearning Exclusion: How I Became a Part of the Solution

Cover Story

Unlearning Exclusion: How I Became a Part of the Solution

Living with my husband has taught me how many and how unbelievably stupid are the assumptions and habits that we need to unlearn about people with disabilities.

Medicalization, policy, and law too often block the sexual and reproductive autonomy of disabled people.

Misuses of genetic information pervade the media, legal, consumer, and medical realms.

There are three categories of relief to block a bad trustee handling your client’s assets.

U.S. equal employment opportunity and diversity tools do not always work well abroad.

How to force the government’s hand in resolving a wrongful death claim involving Medicare payments.

Ethics rules do apply to lawyers’ online activities such as blogs, Facebook pages, and LinkedIn profiles.

Setting preferences and creating shortcuts on Apple products can help those with vision, hearing, and other physical impairments.

Technological advances are making communication easier for deaf and hard of hearing attorneys—and clients.

Mobile technology can mitigate the impairments of vision, hearing, memory, and mobility that come with age.

To achieve your goals, a little faith and positive attitude go a long way.

Immigration lawyers doing pro bono work routinely witness the best and worst in all of us.

Check out these ABA books, CLE programs, and web resources for advice on disability law.

Next year the Division will focus on R.O.I.: Re-examine your practice; Outfit yourself with skills and tools; and Initiate something in your practice and life.

Attend our Spring Meeting in Las Vegas to learn exciting new ideas to help you better serve your clients and increase your practice base.


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