July/August 2014: Back to Basics

Discovery Lessons Your Mother Should Have Taught You


Discovery Lessons Your Mother Should Have Taught You

Before initiating or responding to discovery requests, remember to pay attention, share, take care of your stuff, listen, and play well with others.

Reviewing your cash flow can reveal a lot about the financial health of your firm.

Before dealing with the media, know the ethical boundaries as well as the potential risks and benefits to the client.

Offering any resolution puts mediators at risk of violating the parties’ self-determination.

The size and weight of a mobile took kit continues to decrease almost as rapidly as the power of the included tools increases.

Imagine that your job is protecting a little girl in a white linen dress, and you should have no problem being an effective advocate for your client.

Don’t be an unhappy lawyer. Seek out what excites you in the practice of law and then make the changes that will lead to personal fulfillment.

The estimated 1.73 billion pages on the World Wide Web are an awful lot to sort through. So curated here are a few websites that may be of interest to lawyers.

As a young lawyer and a solo practitioner, the author strives to take on pro bono cases and encourages others to do so.

Check out these ABA books and web resources for advice on how to get back to the basics.

The goal of our Division has always been to serve our members, the public, and the profession.

This year’s theme, ROI, reinforces our commitment to ensuring that our members receive a return on their investment through their involvement in the Division.

Book your travel now for the GPSolo Ninth Annual National Solo & Small Firm Conference.

2014 Issue Editors
Andrew C. Clark
Ashley Hallene
Benjamin K. Sanchez


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