May/June 2013: Vacation Law

The Obligations of Airlines and the Rights of Passengers

Cover Story

The Obligations of Airlines and the Rights of Passengers

Lost luggage? Overbooked flight? Denied boarding? Learn where to go—and what is owed to you—if you experience travel nightmares.

How to assess the degree of risk from specific clients.

The advent of social media has added enormous complexity to the application of right-of-publicity law.

After a disastrous loss, a corporation frequently ends up as both a defendant and a plaintiff.

A practical guide on dealing with the service companies that step in when a borrower approaches default.

Public health legislation intended to halt HIV infection has been undermined by a legally mandated anti-prostitution pledge.

At different points in your travels, you will look for different apps. Find out which are the most helpful for each stage of your trip.

Having trouble saying good-bye? Maybe there's a website or an app that can help—or even do it for you.

There's now one simple rule for traveling with a laptop: Leave it at home and try a tablet instead.

An expert can be of tremendous assistance at every stage of the litigation process.

From transactional law to litigation, from short-term projects to long-term commitments, there is something for every willing pro bono attorney.

Check out these ABA books, CLE programs, and web resources for advice on vacation and travel law.

Get a preview of the Division's offerings at the Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California, this August.


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