March/April 2013: Niche Practices

Building a Niche Practice: Go Small to Go Big

Cover Story

Building a Niche Practice: Go Small to Go Big

Specializing can give you a more profitable and rewarding practice that places you ahead of the curve.

Follow this list of dos and don’ts to make sure witnesses are well prepared.

Knowing how to pursue and challenge electronically stored information can be the difference between conviction and acquittal.

How are the presumption against extraterritoriality and the doctrine of forum non conveniens affecting foreign plaintiffs?

Are civil RICO claims a feasible tool for immigration enforcement in the workplace?

The Greek crisis calls to mind another sovereign financial crisis that has still not been entirely resolved.

Plaintiff’s actions—no matter how reasonable—still leave open the possibility of a large fee award.

Limiting your practice actually may broaden your ethical encumbrances.

A variety of tools are available to help you protect your e-mail accounts and create off-line, usable backups.

When using cloud services, you have an obligation to protect your clients’ data and confidential information.

It’s the knowledge of the legal practitioner—not the firm’s location or size—that makes the difference when seeking international billable work.

Learn how to get the most from the new features of Acrobat XI for Windows.

This must-have program is essential for all Mac-centric law practices.

Check out these ABA books, CLE programs, and web resources for advice on a variety of practice specialties.

The Chair-Elect previews the coming Bar Year and discusses Division resources that will help members strengthen their practices.

Upcoming GPSolo activities include the Spring Leadership Meeting, Solo and Small Firm Awards, Diversity and Young Lawyer Fellowships, and committee leadership appointments.


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