November/December 2012: Privacy and Confidentiality

What Are the Limits of Employee Privacy?

Cover Story

What Are the Limits of Employee Privacy?

When determining the limits of an employee’s right to privacy in the workplace, it’s best to start with the following question: What’s the context?

Sanctions for violations can be severe, so be sure to heed federal and state rules and know how to respond to inadvertent receipt.

The increasingly competitive social networking market has spawned numerous legal issues and cases.

In the regulation of global agricultural trade, international trade law has taken precedence over human rights and environmental protection.

Many state legislatures are considering the use of alimony guidelines, but few have adopted specific formulas to determine alimony awards.

From blogs to podcasts to resource centers, there is a wealth of material on the web to get you started.

Technology can function as your servant or your master.

Make sure your staff understands the need to maintain the client’s confidence.

Check out these ABA books, CLE programs, and web resources on privacy and confidentiality.

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