May/June 2012: Rainmaking Revisited

Rainmaking for the New and Newly Solo

Cover Story

Rainmaking for the New and Newly Solo

Take advantage of these lessons, learned by the author through years of experience, to shave a few months (and a lot of stress) off your own learning curve.

Can you track and quantify the dollars earmarked for law firm marketing?

The study of the brain offers intriguing suggestions for dispute resolution professionals.

The issue of classifying workers as employees or independent contractors has become extremely complex.

Is it a violation to use another’s trademark in a purchased keyword?

Your best bet for rainmaking is to focus on your strengths.

Find all the features you need to manage your clients' work in a simple—and free—online product.

Limit the exposure of your confidential data when using apps on your mobile devices.

The advent of social media has made it all too easy to form unintended attorney-client relationships.

Check out these ABA books, CLE programs, and web resources on rainmaking.

Learn to attract clients you actually want to represent.

Check out the Division’s CLE program lineup for the 2012 ABA Annual Meeting.


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