March/April 2012: 50 Years of the GPSolo Division

Five Decades of Service

Cover Story

Five Decades of Service

The General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division celebrates its 50th anniversary and five decades as the voice of solo and small firm practitioners in the organized bar.

What should a family law attorney do if the client reports that a spouse has downloaded pornography?

Answering two simple questions—“Who are you?” and “How can you prove it?”—is becoming critical for online business activities.

Case law has only begun to address the issue of the enforceability and application of website-based contract terms.

Agricultural policy debates often overlook how policy affects our perception and response to environmental issues.

Basis harvesting provisions can permit the heirs of most married couples to reap significant income tax savings.

Unlike 50 years ago, we can now practice out of the office with virtually the same efficiency as we can practice in the office.

As the Division enters its 50th year, we will strategically reflect on who we are and how we can best serve our members.

Division name change proposal; Spring Meeting details; Solo and Small Firm Awards; Diversity and Young Lawyers Fellowships; Committee leadership appointments

There is never a guarantee of a happy client, but follow these ten rules to increase your odds.

Research, format, cite-check, and analyze case law—all within the document you are drafting.

Thanks to his work with the ABA, this lawyer is interacting at the highest levels with people who wouldn’t otherwise know his name.


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