January/February 2012: Pro Bono and Community Service

The Good Fight Is Good Business

cover story

The Good Fight Is Good Business

Pro bono work is good for the soul, good for the community, and good for business.

These easy tips will help you sharpen your speaking skills.

Prepare for the rigors, responsibilities, and rewards of leaving a big firm to be the star of your own show.

The federal responses to 9/11 led to unprecedented increases in detentions and deportations.

Courts are divided over whether continuous GPS device monitoring constitutes a search.

Recent legislation and rules reflect a better understanding of the role of emotion in the mortgage markets.

Lawyers acknowledge the importance of data security, but in practice they do little to secure their data while in transit.

The Division is partnering with KIND to help children facing deportation proceedings without legal representation.

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Check out these ABA books, CLE programs, and web resources on pro bono work, community service, and related topics.

Learn how one attorney found career satisfaction—and shed 60 pounds—after setting up a solo practice in Mexico.

Plan for the future by switching to this best-of-breed web conferencing application today.

Follow these tips and you’ll reach potential clients in your practice area—without donning a sales cloak.


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