September 2011: Best of ABA Sections

Using Technology to Improve Client Service

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Using Technology to Improve Client Service

Here are some tips for incorporating technology tools to give your clients enhanced options so you can meet—and even exceed—their expectations.

What happens when a party breaches a binding provision in an otherwise expressly nonbinding preliminary agreement?

Follow these recommended first steps for entering a profession that has no prescribed path.

How can you invoke fair use while falling within the permitted guidelines established by case law and without invoking potential litigation?

The government and consumers have begun combating exaggerated environmental claims in marketing.

Choice of law and venue provisions can profoundly impact the rights afforded your client and the cost and complexity of resolving disputes.

The preparedness of U.S. courts to recognize foreign judgments, even those of our closest neighbors, is not unbounded.

In the numerous disparate-impact cases under the ADEA, courts have rejected plaintiffs’ prima facie cases.

Four Supreme Court justices endorse a theory that would make the Takings Cause applicable to a new, broad set of circumstances.

So your client is a friend or family member. What could possibly go wrong?

In a modern update of the Scopes Monkey Trial, a team in Dover, Pennsylvania, challenged the teaching of “intelligent design” in public school biology class.

Prosecutors, defense counsel, and judges must understand how Rule 408 works in criminal prosecutions since its amendment in 2006.

Obtaining or disclosing medical information during litigation may require additional steps in discovery to be HIPAA-compliant.

Special Issue Editor Jennifer J. Ator looks back and plans ahead on the occasion of this, the final stand-alone issue of Best of ABA Sections.

If your data is stored in the “cloud,” do the applicable rules of discovery depend on local laws where the servers are situated?

The GPSolo Division is here to make you successful and to help you serve your clients, your profession, and your community at large.

Changes to Division Periodicals; Division Leadership for 2011–2012; Call for Nominations; Fall Meeting and National Solo & Small Firm Conference.

Starting your own e-mail list can be a great way to share ideas with other lawyers. And being the boss allows you to do it your way.


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