December 2011: Turbocharge Your Office

Turbocharge Your Office for $1,000

Cover Story

Turbocharge Your Office for $1,000

Purchases such as a scanner, PDF software, a large monitor, and a smartphone will improve your office without breaking the bank.

He wasn’t a lawyer, but Steve Jobs made a tremendous contribution to the practice of law.

Finding the tools we need will help us better serve our clients—and carve out more time for ourselves.

2011 Fall Meeting and National Solo & Small Firm Conference Recap; 2011 Difference Makers Award Winners; Support the FJE

Don’t have a partner to cover for you? With these free tech tools, you can still get away.

At some point your office hardware or software will simply need an upgrade. How do you know, and what do you do?

You’ve found websites to turbocharge your office—here are some to help with the rest of your life.

Law-office technology lets you do more in less time than ever before, but the risks can grow very big, very fast.

This text-expansion program will save you so much time, you’ll never want to use a computer without it.


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