A Daily Legislative Update Service of the Governmental Affairs Office
daily edition 9.10.2009
The Senate and House are in session today
Congressional Record, Vol. 155, No. 126 (September 9, 2009)
Federal Register, Vol. 74, No. 174 (September 10, 2009)
CQ, Vol. 45, No. 126 (September 10, 2009)

Business Law
Committee Action
The House Financial Services Committee will mark up HR 3126, to establish the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. 9/23/09, time TBA, 2128 Rayburn.
Floor Action
On 9/10/09, the House passed HR 2664, to require annual oral testimony before the Financial Services Committee of the chairperson or a designee of the chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Accounting Standards Board, and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, relating to their efforts to promote transparency in financial reporting.
Civil Rights/Constitutional Law
The House Education and Labor Committee will hold a hearing on HR 3017, to prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. 9/23/09, 10 am, 2175 Rayburn.
Committee Action
On 9/9/09, the Senate Judiciary Committee concluded a hearing to examine the nominations of Joseph A. Greenaway Jr, of New Jersey, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Third Circuit; Roberto A. Lange, to be United States Circuit Judge of South Dakota; Irene Cornelia Berger, to be United States District Judge for the Southern District of West Virginia; and Charlene Edwards Honeywell, to be United States District Judge for the Middle District of Florida.
Criminal Law
Floor Action
On 9/9/09, the House passed H Res 623, to request that the president focus appropriate attention on neighborhood crime prevention and community policing, and coordinate certain federal efforts to participate in National Night Out, which occurs the first Tuesday of August each year, including by supporting local efforts and community watch groups and by supporting local officials; and to promote community safety and help provide homeland security.
Health Law
On 9/10/09, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Health and Human Services, announced a 9/24/09 teleconference call of the Ethics Subcommittee of the Advisory Committee to the Director to hear an update on CDC’s public health ethics activities, to receive a follow-up on outstanding activities and reports, and for other matters. The dial-in number for the teleconference is 1-866-919-3560, and the conference code is 4168828. FR 46610.
International Law
Floor Action
On 9/9/09, the Senate passed, by a 79-19 vote, S 1023, to establish a non-profit corporation to communicate U.S. entry policies and otherwise promote leisure, business, and scholarly travel to the United States.
Military Law
Committee Action
On 9/9/09, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved an original bill making appropriations for the Department of Defense for fiscal year 2010.
National Security
Floor Action
On 9/9/09, the House passed, by a 416-0 vote, H Res 722, to express the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the terrorist attacks launched against the United States on 9/11/01.
Substance Abuse
Bills Introduced
S Res 256 ( Levin, D-MI), recognizing the importance of “National Drug Facts Chat Day” on 11/10/09; to Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. S9186, CR 9/9/09.
H Res 728 ( Kennedy, D-RI), recognizing the importance of “National Drug Facts Chat Day” on 11/10/09; to Education and Labor. H9396, CR 9/9/09.
Tort and Insurance Law
On 9/10/09, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security, announced a request for public comment on a revision of a currently approved information collection, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Mapping Needs Update Support System Data Worksheet, which is designed to store mapping needs at the community level and is used to assist in the prioritization of the flood hazard mapping needs of all mapped communities participating in the NFIP. Comments are due 11/9/09. FR 46614.