A Daily Legislative Update Service of the Governmental Affairs Office
daily edition 7.21.2009
The House and Senate are in session today.

Congressional Record, Vol. 155, No. 109 (July 20, 2009)
Federal Register, Vol. 74, No. 138 (July 21, 2009)
CQ, Vol. 45, No. 111 (July 21, 2009)

Business Law  
The House Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing on financial regulation restructuring. 7/21/09, 2 pm, 2128 Rayburn.  
Floor Action  
On 7/20/09, a unanimous-consent agreement was reached providing that the Senate convene as a Court of Impeachment in the trial of Samuel B. Kent, Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, at 2 pm on 7/22/09.
On 7/20/09, the House passed H Res 661, to instruct the managers on the part of the House of Representatives in the impeachment proceeding now pending against Samuel B. Kent to advise the Senate that the House of Representatives does not desire further to urge the articles of impeachment against Samuel B. Kent.  
Criminal Law  
Bills Introduced  
S 1472 ( Durbin, D-IL), to establish a section within the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice to enforce human rights laws, and to make technical and conforming amendments to criminal and immigration laws pertaining to human rights violations; to Judiciary. H7699, CR 7/20/09.  
Election Law  
The House Administration Committee will hold a hearing on strategies for expanding access to democracy. 7/23/09, 11 am, 1310 Longworth.  
Executive Branch  
The Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security Subcommittee, House Judiciary Committee, will hold a hearing on HR 743, to prohibit the president or any other executive branch official from knowingly and willfully misleading Congress or the people of the United States for the purpose of gaining support for the use of the Armed Forces of the United States. 7/27/09, 4 pm, 2141 Rayburn.  
Health Law
Bills Introduced
HR 3261 ( Burton, R-IN), to permit an individual to be treated by a health care practitioner with any method of medical treatment such individual requests; to Energy and Commerce. H8409, CR 7/20/09.  
Committee Action  
The House Energy and Commerce Committee will continue mark up of HR 3200, to provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending. 7/21/09, 2 pm, 2123 Rayburn.
On 7/21/09, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), announced a request for public comment on a proposed project, the National Healthcare Safety Network, which is used to determine the magnitude of various healthcare-associated adverse events and trends in the rates of these events among patients and healthcare workers with similar risks. Comments are due 8/21/09. FR 35868.
On 7/21/09, the Food and Drug Administration, HHS, announced the termination and recharter of the Risk Communication Advisory Committee, changing the committee from a discretionary to a statutory committee. The final rule becomes effective 7/21/09.  
Immigration Law  
On 7/21/09, the State Department announced a request for public comment on a proposed information collection, the Contact Information and Work History for Nonimmigrant Visa Applicant Form. Comments are due 8/21/09. FR 35903.
International Law  
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a hearing titled “Climate Change and Global Security: Challenges, Threats, and Diplomatic Opportunities.” 7/21/09, 2:30 pm, 419 Dirksen.
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a hearing on responding to Pakistan’s internally displaced persons crisis. 7/29/09, 10 am, 419 Dirksen.
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a hearing on a comprehensive strategy for Sudan. 7/30/09, 10 am, 419 Dirksen.
Floor Action  
On 7/20/09, the Senate passed S Con Res 11, condemning all forms of anti-Semitism and reaffirming the support of Congress for the mandate of the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism.
Presidential Action  
On 7/16/09, the president issued an executive order continuing for one year the national emergency declared 7/22/04 with respect to Liberia and the former Liberian regime of Charles Taylor.
On 7/21/09, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced a 7/29/09 meeting of the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development in Washington, DC, to discuss food security, including the broadly emerging issues surrounding climate change, and the role of universities in partnership with USAID to achieve critical short- and long-term development objectives. FR 35840.  
Military Law  
Bills Introduced  
HR 3267 ( Meek, D-FL), to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide relief with respect to the children of members of the Armed Forces of the United States who die as a result of service in a combat zone; to Ways and Means. H8409, CR 7/20/09.
Floor Action
On 7/20/09, the Senate resumed consideration of S 1390, the National Defense Authorization Act, and adopted several amendments to the bill: to limit prosecutions until the attorney general establishes standards for the application of the death penalty; to authorize the death penalty; to require that hate crime offenses be identified and prosecuted according to neutral and objective criteria; and to prohibit assault or battery of a U.S. serviceman on account of the military service of the U.S. serviceman or status as a serviceman.
National Security  
Committee Action
The Border, Maritime and Global Counterterrorism Subcommittee, House Homeland Security Committee, will mark up several bills, including HR 1726, to require the secretary of Homeland Security to issue a rule with respect to border security searches of electronic devices; and HR 3239, to require the secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the secretary of State, to submit a report on the effects of the Merida Initiative on the border security of the United States. 7/22/09, 10 am, 311 Cannon.
Tort and Insurance Law  
On 7/21/09, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Treasury Department, announced final revisions to the Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Flood Insurance, which is used to help financial institutions meet their responsibilities under federal flood insurance legislation and to increase public understanding of the flood insurance regulation. The revised Interagency Questions and Answers will become effective 9/21/09. Comments are due 9/21/09. FR 35914.
On 7/21/09, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security, announced a final rule identifying communities, where the sale of flood insurance has been authorized under the National Flood Insurance Program, that are scheduled for suspension on the effective dates listed within this rule because of noncompliance with the floodplain management requirements of the program. FR 35809.
Veterans Affairs
Bills Introduced  
HR 3266 ( Klein, D-FL), to establish a grant program to encourage the use of assistance dogs by certain members of the Armed Forces and veterans; to Armed Services. H8409, FR 7/20/09.
The Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs Subcommittee, House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, will hold a hearing titled “Examining Quality of Life and Ancillary Benefits Issues.” 7/23/09, 10 am, 334 Cannon.
On 7/21/09, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced a 8/18/09-8/20/09 meeting of the Health Services Research and Development Service Scientific Merit Review Board in Greenwood Village, CO, to discuss administrative matters and the general status of the program, which reviews research and development applications involving the measurement and evaluation of health care services, the testing of new methods of health care delivery and management and nursing research. FR 35912.