A Daily Legislative Update Service of the Governmental Affairs Office
daily edition 2.3.2009
The Senate is in session today.
The House is in session today.
Congressional Record, Vol. 155, Nos. 19-20 (January 30- February 2, 2009)
CQ Daily, Vol. 45, Nos. 18-19 (February 2-3, 2009)
Federal Register, Vol. 74, Nos. 20-21 (February 2-3, 2009)
Administrative Law
The Commercial and Administrative Law Subcommittee, House Judiciary Committee, will hold a hearing titled “Midnight Rulemaking: Shedding Some Light.” 1/4/09, 11 am, 2141 Rayburn.  
On 2/3/09, the Federal Register published a 1/30/09 memorandum from the president to heads of executive departments and agencies directing them to produce within 100 days a set of recommendations for a new Executive Order on federal regulatory review. FR 5977.
Bills Introduced
HR 789 ( Lewis, D-GA), to reduce and prevent teen dating violence; to Judiciary. H875, CR 2/2/09.
H Res 102 ( Lewis, D-GA), supporting the goals and ideals of National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week; to Oversight and Government Reform. H875, CR 2/2/09.
On 2/3/09, the Federal Register published a 1/30/09 memorandum from the president to heads of executive department and agencies establishing, within the Office of the Vice President, a White House Task Force on Middle-Class Working Families. FR 5979.
Constitutional Law/Civil Rights
On 2/3/09, the United States Commission on Civil Rights announced a public meeting via teleconference on 2/11/09 at 11 am. FR 5914.
Health Law
Committee Action
The House Rules Committee will consider rules for floor debate on the Senate amendment to HR 2, the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009. 2/3/09, 5 pm, H-313 Capitol.
International Law  
Bills Introduced
S 363 ( Snowe, R-ME), to make determinations by the U.S. Trade Representative under Title 111 of the Trade Act of 1974 reviewable by the Court of International Trade and to ensure that the U.S. Trade Representative considers petitions to enforce U.S. trade rights; to Finance. S1276, remarks S1276, CR 2/2/09.
On 2/2/09, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced an additional 30 days for public comment on, and delayed the effective date by 30 days of, a final rule regarding implementation of exemptions under the new system of records entitled the “Partner Vetting System” (PVS). The PVS would support the vetting of individuals and directors, officers or other principal employees of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who apply for USAID contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, or other funding and of NGOs who apply for registration with USAID as Private and Voluntary Organizations. The new effective date for the rule is 4/3/09. Comments are due 3/4/09. FR 5808.
On 2/3/2009, the Department of State announced an information collection concerning the Exchange Visitor Program and Training/Internship Placement Plan, Comments are due 4/4/09. FR 5968.
Justice Department
Floor Action
On 2/2/09, the Senate confirmed, by a 75-21 vote, the nomination of Eric H. Holder Jr. to U.S. attorney general.
Military Law
Bills Introduced
S 357 ( Feinstein, D-CA), to allow for certiorari review of certain cases denied relief or review by the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed forces; to Judiciary. S1124, remarks and text S1125, CR 1/30/09.
The Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee will hold a hearing titled “Review of Veterans’ Disability Compensation: What Changes Are Needed to Improve the Appeals Process?” 2/11/09, 9:30 am, 418 Russell.
The Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee and House Veterans’ Affairs Committee will hold joint hearings to receive legislative presentations from veterans’ service organizations. 2/24/09, 2 pm, 345 Cannon; 3/5/09, 10 am, 106 Dirksen; 3/12/09, 10 am, 106 Dirksen; and 3/18/09, 9:30 am, 334 Cannon.
National Security
Bills Introduced
HR 791 ( Weiner, D-NY), to prohibit the Department of Homeland Security from limiting the amount of Urban Area Security Initiative or State Homeland Security Grant Program funds that may be used to pay salaries or overtime pay to law enforcement officials engaged in antiterrorism activities; to Homeland Security. H875, CR 2/2/09.