Washington Summary
Daily Edition
July 8, 2008
Congressional Record, Vol. 154, No 109-110 (June 30, 2008, and July 7, 2008)
CQ Daily, Vol. 44, Nos. 99-100 (July 7-8, 2008)
Federal Register, Vol. 73, Nos. 127-131 (July 1-8, 2008)
  The Senate is in session today.
The House is in session today.
On 7/1/08, the Judicial Conference announced meetings of the Advisory Committees on Rules of Appellate Procedure (11/13-14/08, Charleston, SC), Rules of Civil Procedure (11/17-18/08, Washington, DC), and Rules of Evidence (10/23-24/08, Santa Fe, NM). FR 37495.
Criminal Law
The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold an oversight hearing on the Department of Justice. 7/9/08, 9:30 am, 106 Dirksen.
The Commercial and Administrative Law Subcommittee, House Judiciary Committee, will hold a hearing on an investigation of selective politically motivated prosecution in the Justice Department. 7/10/08, 10 am, 2141 Rayburn.  

On 7/2/08, the Justice Department issued final guidelines, effective 7/2/08, to interpret and implement the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act. FR 38030.
Emergency Preparedness
The Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management Subcommittee, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, will hold a hearing on the progress of post-Katrina recovery in Louisiana. 7/16/08, 2 pm, 2167 Rayburn.
The Housing and Community Opportunity Subcommittee, House Financial Services Committee, will hold a hearing titled “Federal Spending Requirements in Housing and Community Development Programs: Challenges in 2008 and Beyond.” 7/9/08, 9:30 am, 2128 Rayburn.
Legal Education  
On 7/1/08, the Department of Education issued notice and requested comments on proposed regulations for the Federal Perkins Loan Program, Federal Family Education Loan Program, and William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. Comments are due by 8/15/08. FR 37694.
Presidential Action
 On 6/30/08, the president signed S 3180 (PL 110-256) to temporarily extend the programs under the Higher Education Act of 1965 through 7/31/08.
Military Law
The Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee will hold a hearing titled “Review of Veterans’ Disability Compensation: Undue Delay in Claims Processing.” 7/9/08, 9:30 am, 418 Russell.  
National Security
The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing titled “How the Administration’s Failed Detainee Policies Have Hurt the Fight Against Terrorism: Putting the Fight Against Terrorism on Sound Legal Foundations.” 7/16/08, 10 am, 226 Dirksen.
Floor Action
On 7/7/07, the Senate reached a unanimous-consent agreement to resume consideration on 7/9/08 of HR 6304, to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978.
Tort and Insurance Law
Committee Action
The Capital Markets, Insurance and Government Sponsored Enterprises Subcommittee, House Financial Services Committee, will mark up HR 5840, to establish an Office of Insurance Information in the Department of Treasury, and HR 5792, to amend the Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986 to increase insurance competition and available coverage for consumers. 7/9/08, 2 pm, 2128 Rayburn.