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February 7, 2008  

Congressional Record, Vol. 154, Nos. 18 - 19 (February 5-6, 2008)
CQ Daily, Vol. 44, Nos. 16 (February 6-7, 2008)
Federal Register, Vol. 73, Nos. 25 - 26 (February 6-7, 2008)

The Senate is in session today.
The House is in session today.


Bills Introduced

HR 5237 ( McDermott, D-WA), to amend the U.S. Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act of 2003; to Foreign Affairs. H621, remarks E124, CR 2/6/08.

Business Law

Floor Action

On 2/6/08, the Senate passed HR 3541, to amend the Do-Not-Call Implementation Act to eliminate the automatic removal of telephone numbers registered on the federal Do Not Call Registry, clearing the measure for the president.

On 2/6/08, the House passed S 781, to extend indefinitely the authority of the Federal Trade Commission to collect Do Not Call Registry fees, clearing the measure for the president.


Bills Introduced

HR 5230 ( Jackson Lee, D-TX), to amend Title 28, U.S. Code, to grant to the House of Representatives the authority to bring a civil action to enforce, secure a declaratory judgment concerning the validity of, or prevent a threatened refusal or failure to comply with any subpoena or order issued by the House or any committee or subcommittee of the House, and to secure the production of documents, the answering of any deposition or interrogatory, or the securing of testimony; to Judiciary. H620, CR 2/6/08.


The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a confirmation hearing on the nomination of Catherina Haynes, of Texas, to be U.S. Circuit Court Judge for the 5 th Circuit. 2/21/08, 10 am, 226 Dirksen.

Criminal Justice


The Crime and Drugs Subcommittee, Senate Judiciary Committee, will hold a hearing titled “Federal Cocaine Sentencing Laws: Reforming the 100-1 Crack/Powder Disparity.” Jim Felman, co-chair, Sentencing Committee, ABA Criminal Justice Section, will testify on behalf of the ABA. 2/12/08, 2 pm, 226 Dirksen.

Election Law


The Senate Rules and Administration Committee will hold a hearing on ways to protect voters at home and at the polls, focusing on limiting abusive robocalls and vote caging practices. 2/13/08, 10 am, 301 Russell.



The Children and Families Subcommittee, Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, will hold a hearing on the Family and Medical Leave Act (PL 103-3), focusing on a 15-year history of support for workers. 2/13/08, 3 pm, 430 Dirksen.

The Workforce Protections Subcommittee, House Education and Labor Committee, will hold a hearing titled “The 15 th Anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act: Achievements and Next Steps.” 2/14/08, 10 am, 2175 Rayburn.



The House Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing titled “The Community Reinvestment Act: Thirty Years of Accomplishments, but Challenges Remain.” 2/13/08, 10 am, 2128 Rayburn.


On 2/6/08, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing, Department of Housing and Urban Development, announced fiscal year 2007 funding awards to housing agencies under the Section 8 housing choice voucher program. FR 6988.

Immigration Law


The Research and Science Education Subcommittee, House Science and Technology Committee, will hold a hearing on visas for foreign scholars and students. 2/7/08, 2 pm, 2318 Rayburn.

The Homeland Security Subcommittee, House Appropriations Committee, will hold a hearing on fiscal year 2009 appropriations for land border enforcement. 2/14/08, 10 am and 1 pm, 2358-B Rayburn.

Legal Education

Committee Action  

On 2/6/08, the House Rules Committee granted, by voice vote, a structured rule providing one hour of general debate on HR 4137, the College Opportunity and Affordability Act of 2007.

Military Law

Bills Introduced

S 2599 ( Corker, R-TN), to provide enhanced education and employment opportunities for military spouses; to Finance. S733, CR 2/6/08.

HR 5229 ( Bartlett, R-MD), to amend Title 30, U.S. Code, to remove certain limitations on the transfer of entitlement to basic educational assistance under the Montgomery GI Bill; to Armed Services. H620, CR 2/6/08.

National Security

Floor Action

On 2/5/08 and 2/6/08, the Senate continued consideration of S 2248, to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to modernize and streamline the provisions of the act.