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June 28, 2007

Congressional Record, Vol. 153, No. 104-105 (June 26-27, 2007)
CQ Today, Vol. 43, No. 114 (June 28, 2007)
Federal Register, Vol. 74, No. 114 (June 28, 2007)

The Senate is in session today.
The House is in session today.



On 6/27/07, the Senate received the nomination of Reed Charles O’Connor, of Texas, to be United States District Judge for the Northern District of Texas.

Criminal Law

Bills Introduced

S 1711 ( Biden, D-DE), to target cocaine kingpins and address sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine; to Judiciary. S8610, CR 6/27/07.

HR 2878 ( Davis, D-AL), to amend Titles 18 and 28 of the United States Code to provide incentives for the prompt payments of debts owed to the United States and the victims of crime by imposing surcharges on unpaid judgments owed to the United States and to the victims of crime, to provide for offsets on amounts collected by the Department of Justice for federal agencies, and to increase the amount of special assessments imposed upon convicted persons; to establish an Enhanced Financial Recovery Fund to enhance, supplement and improve the debt collection activities of the Department of Justice; and to amend Title 5, United States Code, to provide to assistant United States attorneys the same retirement benefits as are afforded to federal law enforcement officers; to Judiciary, and Oversight and Government Reform. H7338, CR 6/27/07.

Disability Law

Bills Introduced

S 1702 ( Roberts, R-KS), to promote employment of individuals with severe disabilities through federal government contracting and procurement processes, and for other purposes; to Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. S8610, CR 6/27/07.

Immigration Law

Bills Introduced

HR 2884 ( Cummings, D-MD), to assist members of the Armed Forces in obtaining United States citizenship; to Judiciary. H7339, CR 6/27/07.

International Law

Bills Introduced

S 1703 ( Durbin, D-IL), to prevent and reduce trafficking in persons; to Judiciary. S8610, CR 6/27/07.

Committee Action

On 6/27/07, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee ordered favorably reported S 392, to ensure payment of the United States assessments for United Nations peacekeeping operations for the 2005 through 2008 time period; S 1500, to support democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe; and S 1698, to provide that no funds appropriated or otherwise made available by any Act for contributions for international organizations may be available to support the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Military Law

Bills Introduced

S 1718 ( Brown, D-OH), bill to amend the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to provide for reimbursement to servicemembers of tuition for programs of education interrupted by military service, for deferment of student loans and reduced interest rates for servicemembers during periods of military service; to Veterans' Affairs. S8610, CR 6/27/07.

Legal Education

Bills Introduced

S 1704 ( Kennedy, D-MA), to temporarily extend the programs under the Higher Education Act of 1965 through 7/31/07; considered and passed. S8610, CR 6/27/07.

Floor Action

On 6/27/07, the Senate passed S 1704, to temporarily extend the programs under the Higher Education Act of 1965 through 7/31/07.