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July 5, 2006

Congressional Record, Vol. 69, No. 87 (June 29, 2006)
Federal Register, Vol. 71, Nos. 126 - 128 (June 30, 2006 – July 5, 2006)

The House and Senate are not in session today.
The House and Senate will reconvene 7/10/06.


Bills Introduced

HR 5726 ( Davis, R-VA), to reform federal procedures relating to intercountry adoption; to International Relations, and Judiciary. H4914, CR 6/29/06.

Presidential Action

On 6/30/06, the president signed HR 5403 (P.L. 109-239), to improve protections for children and to hold states accountable for the safe and timely placement of children across state lines.


Bills Introduced

HR 5711 ( Norton, D-DC), to permit the Joint Committee on Judicial Administration in the District of Columbia to establish a program of voluntary separation incentive payments for nonjudicial employees of the District of Columbia courts; to Government Reform. H4914, CR 6/29/06.

H.R. 5739 ( Paul, R-TX), to limit the jurisdiction of the federal courts; to Judiciary. H4914, CR 6/29/06.

Elder Law

Bills Introduced

HR 5722 ( Chandler, D-KY), to prevent the abuse and exploitation of older individuals; to Judiciary. H4914, CR 6/29/06.

Immigration Law

Bills Introduced

HR 5741 ( Rangel, D-NY), to amend Section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the deadline for classification petition and labor certification filings; to Judiciary. H4919, CR 6/29/06.

International Law

Bills Introduced

HR 5713 ( Hyde, R-Il), to pursue a policy of weighted voting with respect to the budgets of the United Nations; to International Relations. H4914, CR 6/29/06.

Legal Education

Presidential Action

On 6/30/06, the president signed HR 5603 (P.L. 109-238), to temporarily extend the programs under the Higher Education Act of 1965.

National Security

Bills Introduced

H. Res. 900 ( Frank, D-MA), supporting intelligence and law enforcement programs to track terrorists and terrorist finances conducted consistent with Federal law and with appropriate congressional consultation; to Financial Services. H 4916, CR 6/29/06

Science and Technology

Bills Introduced

HR 5719 ( Weldon, R-FL), to amend the Public Health Service Act to prohibit the solicitation or acceptance of tissue from fetuses gestated for research purposes; to Energy and Commerce. H 4914, CR 6/29/06.