Goal IX Newsletter

Summer 2001, Volume 7, Number 3

What's New and Noteworthy

Minority Counsel Program
The Minority Counsel Program (MCP) held its Spring Meeting in Tampa, April 26- 27, 2001. The meeting featured discussions about business opportunities from governmental bodies and agencies, an update on issues of concern to minority law students, and reports on corporate America's interest in promoting diversity in the legal profession. It also included a special series of discussions called "Ask the Corporate Counsel" that proved especially popular. A highlight of the program was the mystery networking event, "Build a Boat and See If It Floats," for which teams built boats of cardboard and duct tape and tried to sail them, with two team members aboard, across the hotel swimming pool.

Both the in-house lawyers and outside counsel in attendance gave positive feedback on their experiences at the meeting. They commented that the program gave them opportunities to get to know one another.

The Spring MCP Meeting was noteworthy for the ratio of in-house counsel to potential outside counsel, close to 1:1. The Commission has decided to modify MCP in an effort to maintain this ratio. For future meetings, the number of outside counsel who can register for a meeting will be limited, based on registrations by corporate representatives, on a first-come, first-served basis. Those MCP members who do not meet the registration deadline will be able to attend only if they also secure the registration of a corporate participant who would not ordinarily attend the meeting. MCP members will receive more details on this exciting modification, designed to further enhance the benefits of the program.

Mark your calendar for the Fall MCP Meeting, October 25-27, 2001 in Chicago!

Raising the Bar-Retention of Minority Lawyers
If your firm or corporation is concerned with its ability to retain the minority lawyers it recruits, you will be especially interested in the Commission's new multimedia package Raising the Bar. Using videos, audiotapes, written articles, and a workbook, Raising the Bar educates law firms and corporate law departments about why retention of minority lawyers is a problem and offers practical strategies to address this dilemma. The package is designed for effective use during partnership and law department staff meetings, luncheon roundtables, and both individual and group training sessions. Raising the Bar is now available from the Commission for $695. For more information or to order, contact the Commission office at 312.988.5643.

National Conference for the Minority Lawyer
The National Conference for the Minority Lawyer was held in Washington, D.C., on June 18-19, 2001. This joint program with the ABA Sections of Business Law and Litigation broke the previous year's attendance record. Among topics discussed at the conference were transitioning between the government and the private sector, hot topics in corporate law, alternative legal careers, presentation skills, and marketing strategies for lawyers. Because of popular support and demand, plans are already under way for next year's conference. Where would you like the next meeting to be held? Let us know. We welcome suggestions on possible locations for the next meeting. Submit your suggestions to the Commission office at 312.988.5643.

Judicial Clerkship Program
Calling all former judicial clerks! If you are willing to mentor minority law students who are considering pursing a clerkship, sign up for the Commission's new e-mentoring service. Through this service, law school students who have participated in the Judicial Clerkship Program (JCP) will communicate via e-mail with minority lawyers who have served as judicial clerks. This will be an opportunity for students to ask questions and for mentors to share their experiences as minority judicial clerks. Former judicial clerks also are invited to participate in the second JCP, which will be held at the ABA Midyear Meeting in Philadelphia, January 31-February 2, 2002. For more information on the e-mentoring service, becoming a JCP presenter, or joining the program as a judicial participant or law school participant, please contact Cie Armstead at 312.988.5667 or Cie.Armstead@americanbar.org.

Minority Bars & Other Diversity Bar Programs
The Commission is putting together an online directory of minority bar associations and state/local bar associations with minority programs or initiatives. From the Commission's Website, you can now easily submit your bar's info and find links to other bar's websites.

Changing the Face of the Profession
In celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession, we have commissioned the design of a special print, "Changing the Face of the Profession." This beautiful yet powerful print is the ideal addition for your home or office. It is also the perfect gift for friends and clients. These limited edition prints are going fast, so order yours today. No lawyer should be without one!

For more information on any of the above programs, contact the Commission office at 312.988.5643

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