Goal IX Newsletter

Summer 2001, Volume 7, Number 3

Making Connections: Minority Counsel Program Spring Meeting

The ABA Minority Counsel Program (MCP), a constituent group of the Commission on Racial
and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession, is committed to building relationships between corporations
and racially and ethnically diverse lawyers. Toward that goal, MCP hosted another successful meeting,
April 26-27, 2001.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the lawyers in attendance to demonstrate their substantive
knowledge and skills, while networking with the in-house counsel attending the meeting. The “mystery networking event,” an MCP hallmark activity, was “Build a Boat and See if It Floats.” It was a fun and exciting challenge and an excellent venue for all the participants to become better acquainted.

Janice Hartwell (left), Square D Company, H.L. Wright (center),
Wendy’s International, and Victor Waye (right), Sodexho Marriott
Services, share insights into their respective companies.

Richard Swanson (left), ITT Industries, and Rashmi Damani trade
strategies for boat-building and business development.

Dinner at the “ABA Yacht Club.”

Guess who is the Vice-Chair of the ABA Law Student Division
and who isn’t.
Laguerra Champagne (left) and the still youthful Sam Hill, president
of the Native American Bar and MCP Spring Program Chair.
“If I were the CEO of my company . . .”

Working in the MCP Shipyards: The S.S. Baby Got Box under

“The real secret to getting business from
my company is . . .”
Sharon Hatchett, General Motors

“We are the champions . . .”
The Crew of the S.S. Titanic (left to right): Nichole Seabron,
Philippa V. Tibbs, Sam Hill, Ashish S. Prasad

“Now I find out why I should have studied Admiralty Law!”

“We didn’t lose the gold, we won the silver!”
Chuck Chionuma (left), Donna Crosswhite (center), Sprint Corporation,
and Jose Martinez (right).

Thanks to the corporations that participated in the Spring MCP Meeting
• Centex
• Corning, Inc.
• E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Inc.
• Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
• Ford Motor Company
• General Motors Corporation
• ITT Industries, Inc.
• McDonald’s Corporation
• Sodexho Marriott Services
• Square D Company
• State Farm Insurance
• Tropicana Products, Inc.
• Unisys Corporation
• Wendy’s International, Inc.

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