Goal IX Newsletter

Spring 2001, Volume 7, Number 2

Judicial Clerkship Program - San Diego 2001

The Judicial Clerkship Program (JCP) made its debut at the ABA 2001 Midyear Meeting. The Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession, in conjunction with the ABA Judicial Division, developed JCP to address the dishearteningly low number of minority judicial law clerks. JCP encourages students to pursue clerkship opportunities while introducing judges to students whom they might not ordinarily consider for clerkships.

Over the course of three days, students and judges worked together on a research and writing project that allowed them to explore the judge-clerk relationship and experience. LEXIS-NEXIS donated a computer for each of the 29 students and provided full access to its electronic research products. The 2001 program included law school students from Duke, Cornell, University of Michigan, University of New Mexico, and University of Texas. The participating judges came from federal, state, and local courts.

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