Goal IX Newsletter

Winter 2001, Volume 7, Number 1

UPDATE: Conference of Minority Partners

The ABA Conference of Minority Partners in Majority Corporate Law Firms (CMP) is an organization comprised of minority African American, Hispanic American, Asian/Pacific Islander American, and Native American partners in majority corporate law firms with 25 lawyers or more. The stated purpose of CMP is to foster and pro-mote programs that make minority partners successful. In 1990, CMP published its Directory of Minority Partners in Majority Corporate Law Firms; the most current edition can be found online at www.abanet/minorities.org/partners.

The goals of the Conference are:
1. To establish a formal network of minority partners in majority law firms to meet the stated and evolving needs of member partners.
2. To enhance the development of minority partners as business and profit centers within their respective firms (and thereby enhance the profitability of our firms).
3. To provide a mutual professional support network and to foster collegiality among member partners of racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds, while also preserving collegiality with majority partners within each of our firms.
4. To affiliate and cooperate with other majority and minority professional law organizations to further common goals.

A new planning committee was recently convened and has embarked on an ambitious agenda for the coming year. Highlights of the agenda include:
• enhancing and promoting the use of the Conference’s online Directory of Minority Partners in Majority/Corporate Law Firms
• hosting regional gatherings with local in-house counsel, including a September 2000 Meeting in Atlanta and anoth-er meeting planned for the ABA Midyear Meeting in San Diego
• assisting in the development of a matrix to measure imple-mentation of the Statement of Principles regarding Diversity in the Legal Workforce
• sponsoring a CLE program at the 2001 ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago
• convening a business meeting of minority partners at the 2001 ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago • presenting a CLE program at the 2001 Annual Meeting of the American Corporate Counsel Association
• developing a database of speakers who are available to par-ticipate in CLE programs sponsored by other ABA entities

If you are a minority partner, we encourage you to join our net-work, to encourage others to join our network, and to get involved in the work of the Conference. If you are not a minority partner, we want to work with you. The overall goal is to create the broadest possible network within which we can support each other and, in that respect, everyone’s participation is encouraged.