Goal IX Newsletter

Winter 2000, Volume 6, Number 2

In This Issue...

saunders.jpg (4594 bytes)An African American Perspective
Sidney A. Jones, III
charrise.jpg (4256 bytes)A Hispanic Perspective
David A. Cerda
baca.jpg (4901 bytes)An Asian American Perspective
Sandra R. Otaka
clanton.jpg (4652 bytes)Celebrating Diversity
Charisse R. Lillie
Commission Chair
More Than Words
Update on Diversity in the Workplace:
A Statement of Principle
Charles S. Johnson, III and Lynne Faith Saunders
A Personal Note: ABA Leaders Speak on Diversity
The Commission invited the three President-Elect candidates to write a personal account of their views on diversity.
saunders.jpg (4594 bytes)Alfred P. Carlton
charrise.jpg (4256 bytes)Jack F. Dunbar
baca.jpg (4901 bytes)Darrell E. Jordan
Midyear Meeting 2000 - Maginificence, Modifications, and Mentoring
ABA Diversity Initiatives
Commission's Annual Meeting Schedule