Goal IX Newsletter

Fall 2005, Volume 11, Number 1

What's New and Noteworthy


Congratulations to W. Randy Eaddy for being honored at this year's Celebration of Hope Dinner to benefit Huntington's Disease Society of America Center of Excellence at Emory University.

Congratulations to Victor P. Henderson. This April he was the recipient of the prestigious Vanguard Award from the Chicago Bar Association. The CBA Vanguard Awards "honor the institutions and lawyers who have made the law and the legal profession more accessible to and reflective of the community at-large."

Welcome to our new Commissioner:

Kenneth G. Standard
Epstein, Becker & Green, P.C.
New York, NY

February 8-12, 2005
Salt Lake City, Utah

Judicial Clerkship Program
For the first time, law students attending the 2005 ABA Judicial Clerkship Program (JCP) in Salt Lake City, Utah, had the rare opportunity to hear oral arguments presented before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, followed by a question and answer session and lunch, at the Frank E. Moss U.S. Courthouse in Salt Lake. During lunch, students were able to talk with the judges and law clerks on-site. Our thanks to the 10th Circuit for making this possible!

JCP simulates the clerkship experience and provides law students with an idea of what clerkship entails, how to apply for a clerkship, and the benefits of clerkship. To find out more about JCP, please view http://www.abanet.org/minorities/jcp/home.html.

Spirit of Excellence Awards Luncheon
Ad Astra per Aspera - To the Stars through Difficulty - The Annual Spirit of Excellence Luncheon, honoring the Hon. Arthur Louis Burnett, Sr., José C. Feliciano, Emanuel B. Halper, Karen K. Narasaki, and the Hon. Raymond S. Uno, was a huge success. On Saturday, February 12, 2005, in Salt Lake City, Utah, the honorees provided the 500 plus attendees with glimpses of how they individually soared to the stars despite the personal and professional obstacles they faced, each navigating his or her way through successfully while assisting others on the way.

Please help the Commission celebrate the efforts and accomplishments of lawyers who work to promote a more racially and ethnically diverse legal profession by nominating a candidate for the Award, and attending the 2006 Spirit of Excellence Awards Luncheon in New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday, February 4. To nominate a candidate, please complete the 2006 Spirit of Excellence Nomination Form. The form can be found at http://www.abanet.org/minorities/spirit/home.html. Nomination materials must be received on or before August 16, 2005.


2005 Spring Minority Counsel Program
April 14-15, 2005
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The program is designed to promote relationship building that will lead to the retention of minority lawyers as outside counsel by corporations between minority lawyer and in-house council. Register early to participate, see our website at http://www.abanet.org/minorities/mcp.

National Conference for the Minority Lawyer
June 22-24, 2005
Sheraton Hotel
Seattle, Washington

Join us for our two-day session of substantive CLE programming specifically designed for the minority lawyer. For more registration information see our website at http://www.abanet.org/minorities/natconf/home.html.

ABA Annual Meeting
August 5-7, 2005
Chicago, Illinois

Our kind of town and your kind of meeting! For registration information for the ABA Annual Meeting see http://www.abanet.org/annual/2005/. Visit our website for update to the Commission schedule at http://www.abanet/minorities.

Diversity Boutique
Neat gift ideas for those with diversity on their minds. Show your commitment to diversity share it with a colleague by giving the gift of diversity at http://www.abanet.org/minorities/store/index.html

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