Fall 1999, Volume XV Number 1
School Vouchers

For Further Reading

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Hard Lessons: Public Schools and Privatization (Twentieth Century Fund Report) , by Carol Ascher, Norm Fruchter, and Robert Berne.

The Case Against School Vouchers , by Edd Doerr, Albert J. Menendez, and John M. Swomley.

Choosing Schools: Vouchers and American Education (American University Press Public Policy Series) , by Jerome J. Hanus and Peter W. Cookson Jr.

Break These Chains: The Battle for School Choice , by Daniel McGroarty and William J. Bennett.

Learning from School Choice , by Paul E. Peterson and Bryan C. Hassel, Editors.

Market Approach to Education: An Analysis of America’s First Voucher Program , by John F. Witte.

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