Vol. 36, No. 4, Winter 2003
A Review of the Year in Family Law

Linda D. Elrod & Robert G. Spector, A Review of the Year in Family Law: Increased Mobility Creates Conflicts, 36 FAM. L. Q. 515 (2003).

This article provides a brief review of pertinent cases in family law between September 2001 and September 2002. Whether families were impacted directly by the tragedy of September 11th, the nation as a whole suffered a psychic trauma. The tragic events reaffirmed the importance of family and family ties. This year's cases reveal continuing struggles over who can marry, who can adopt, and who can challenge paternity. Same-sex couples seek to legitimate their relationships with each other and with children through adoption and marriage laws. As families become more diverse and more mobile, custody disputes arise between same-sex partners, grandparents, stepparents, and others who have stood in loco parentis.

Charts, 36 Fam. L.Q. 559 (2003)

Chart 1: Alimony/Spousal Support Factors
Chart 2: Custody Criteria
Chart 3: Child Support Guidelines
Chart 4: Grounds for Divorce and Residency Requirements
Chart 5: Property Division
Chart 6: Third-Party Visitation
Chart 7: Appointment Laws in Adoption, Guardianship, Unmarried Parent and Divorce Cases.

For details, see Charts: Summarizing the Laws in the 50 States

Family Law in the Fifty States 2001-2002 Case Digests, 36 Fam. L.Q. 567 (2003)

This year's summary of family law cases covers approximately the period of August 1, 2001, through September 30, 2002. The case digests are presented in a topical outline framework and alphabetized by state within each topic heading. The summary does not include every case from every jurisdiction but highlights some of the more important cases. The digests are a result of reports submitted in each state by reporters and supplemented by law school student staff.

Paul Kurtz, Annual Survey of Periodical Literature, 36 Fam. L. Q. 775 (2003)

The Fifteenth Annual Survey of Periodical Literature covers the period from approximately November 1, 2001, to November 1, 2002. It is not intended to be encyclopedic and no hidden messages should be derived from the inclusion or exclusion of any particular article. This survey is designed to provide a substantial sampling and brief description of the family law literature during the relevant time period, which might be of interest to the bench, bar and legal academia.

FLQ Index to Volume 36, 36 Fam. L. Q. 879 (2003).

This comprehensive index to the articles included in this volume is alphabetic by author and by title.

Publication Date: May 15, 2003