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Volume 31, No. 4—Spring 2009

Working with Your Forensic Accountant

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This issue of Family Advocate is devoted primarily to accounting issues that may arise in a family-law case. To read articles, click on the links below.

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Discovery—Not a Job for Christopher Columbus
by Donald A. Glenn

Show Me the Money: Defining Income in Marital Dissolutions
by Ronald L. Seigneur & Kevin R. Yeanoplos

The Double-Dipping Arguments
by Donald J. DeGrazia & Stacy Preston Collins

Think Like a Thief: Using Tax Returns to Find Hidden Assets
by William B. Stewart, Jr. & Alison D. Gilmartin

Follow the Money: The Lifestyle Analysis
by Miles Mason, Sr. & Sandy Klevan

Taking the Entity's Temperature: What Financial Statements Can Tell about an Enterprise
by Brenda M. Clarke

Cracking the Code: Understanding the Report
by Michelle F. Gallagher

The Direct Examination of a Forensic Accountant
by Bruce A. Christensen

Achieving Long-Term Fiscal Fitness through the Divorce Settlement
by Jerry L. Love

Books & More
Working with Your Accountant: A Bibliography

Bonus Article for Clients
Staying In Step with Your Accountant
by Robert Poirer

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