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Volume 30, No. 3—Winter 2008

Model Letters

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This issue of Family Advocate includes sample letters you can tailor to streamline your family law practice. Letters for clients, other side and third parties are included and cover a variety of issues and topics. Letters are grouped into the categories linked below and are downloadable as Word documents. Please use these letters as guidelines only.

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Initial Contact

Retainer Agreement
Evergreen Retainer
Third-Party Guarantor
Notice of Holiday Hours
Nonengagement Letter
Nonengagement Letter After Paid Consult
Notice of Changes in Hourly and Per-Mile Rate
Notice of Substitution of Counsel
Authorization to Use Electronic Communications
Request for Separate E-mail Account
Electronic Communication and Privacy

Educating the Client about Custody

Custody & Visitation Considerations
Child-Custody Case Preparation
Notice to Client Re: Custody Evaluation
Working with Parenting Coordinators

Communicating with the Other Side & Third Parties

Spouse Waiver Letter
Retention Confirmation Notice to Opposing Client
Antispoliation Letter to Opposing Counsel--Electronic Data
Letter to Accompany Text Message Subpoena
Preservation of Electronic Evidence Notice
Letter to Accompany Charging Lien Notice to Opposing Counsel
Notice of Charging Lien
Income Tax--Signing a Joint Return
Transmitting Papers to Pro Se Litigant

Educating the Client about the Divorce Process

Explanation of the Divorce Process
Gathering Preliminary Documents
Explaining the Mediation Process
Scheuduling/Case Management Letter
Initial Court Appearance
Net Worth Affidavit
Business Valuation Letter

Discovery Process

Letter to Accompany Notice to Preserve Evidence
Notice to Preserve Evidence
Preservation of Electronic Evidence
Notice to Client Regarding Notice to Produce & Interrogatories Sent to Spouse
Requests for Admissions
Notice to Produce & Interrogatories
Deposition Instructions for Clients & Witnesses
Review Deposition Transcript
Retaining an Accountant
Retaining an Appraiser


Trial Logistics/What to Expect

Closing & Postjudgment

Judgment of Divorce/Closing Letter
Closing the File
Retaining QDRO-Drafting Attorney
Notice of Appeal Deadline
Letter to Plan Administrator for QDRO
Wrapping Up Your Divorce Brochure
Postjudgment Letter to Life Insurance Company


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