Hiring an Expert
by Melvyn B. Frumkes and Jack A. Rounick
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Volume 29, No. 4—Spring 2007

Outstanding Financial Experts

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This issue of Family Advocate includes information you need when working with experts in marital dissolution cases. You'll learn more about different experts, get guidance on who to hire and how to work with them, and glean more tips that can help you present a case most favorable to the client.

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The Lucid Legal Specialist
by Christopher A. Tiso

An Expert as to Attorneys' Fees
by Melvyn B. Frumkes and Jack A. Rounick

Working with the Vocational Expert
by Roberta G. Stanley and Kenneth A. Gordon

An Appraising Look at Coins and Paper Money
by Jon D. Edelman

Why Use a Forensic Accountant?
by David H. Glusman

Cross-Examining the Business Valuation Expert
by Gary Friedlander

Why You Need a Tax Expert
by David S. Dolowitz

An Expert Witness on QDROs
by David Clayton Carrad

Controlling Forensic Accounting Costs
by Robert S. Steinberg

Using Family Advocate Articles for CLE

The articles in this issue are ready-made for use as CLE program materials for your state, local, or in-house continuing legal education programs. Topics include maximizing the impact of the forensic accountant, tax expert, pension pro, business valuation expert, and vocational counselor.

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