Volume 35, No. 2--Fall 2012

Unbundling Legal Services

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Family Advocate cover, Unbundling Legal ServicesThe authors of this issue of Family Advocate provide detailed and varied discussions of the dos and don'ts as well as a variety of options lawyers may offer consumers who don't want or don't need traditional full-service representation.
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Unbundling—What is it?

by Stephanie Kimbro

--includes "Checklist for the Unbundling Practitioner"

Unbundled Legal Services Today--And Predictions for the Future
by Forrest S. Mosten 

--includes "25 Tips for Starting an Unbundled Peacemaking Practice"
              "Take the Quiz: Is Unbundling Right for You?"
              "Top 10 Tips for Using an Unbundled Approach"

Making the Limited-Scope Relationship Work
A written fee agreement is the first step in documenting the lawyer's role
by Keven M. P. O'Grady

Unbundling and the Lawyer's Duty of Care

by Will Hornsby

Limited Scope & Lawyer Liability
How courts view the lawyer's role in unbundling
by Alexander R. Rothrock

--includes "Modern Examples of Unbundling"

Cooperative or Collaborative Practice Models
Using ADR to Meet Clients' Needs for Unbundling
by Tara L. Smith Ruesga

Joining Forces with Co-counsel
Nurturing the relationship between lawyer and consultant, advisor, or trial attorney 
by Timothy M. Tippins

--includes "Sample Engagement Letter"

Books & More: Unbundling Bibliography


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Editorial Policy

Family Advocate, published by the American Bar Association Section of Family Law, offers practical, practice-oriented articles for family lawyers, their clients, and other professionals involved in divorce, child custody, adoption, and other family-related issues. The articles in Family Advocate do not express the official policy of the ABA or the Section of Family Law. They represent the views of thoughtful members of the bench and bar who are interested in effective advocacy and the American family.



Chair's Column
Join Local Family Lawyers Feeding Families
by Maryann E. Foley

From the Editor
Unbundling for Clients Who Want a Do-It-Yourself Divorce
by Kathleen A. Hogan

Practice Pointers
Look at the Big Picture
by Willard H. DaSilva

Tools of the Trade

Unbundling on a Budget
by Lee S. Rosen

Section Highlights
New Officers Are Installed at Annual Meeting in Chicago

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