Fall 2015-Winter 2016: Senior Driving

Senior Driving: What Is the Problem?

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Senior Driving: What Is the Problem?

We must allow our seniors to drive as long as it is safe, but no longer, and continue to develop affordable alternatives that minimize the loss of freedom, independence, and mobility.

The state-granted license to drive, which legally is a privilege, is a right that is dear to us. How can we balance this while also seeing that unsafe drivers are off the road while safe ones continue to operate their cars?

The ABA Commission on Law and Aging and the APA have produced three widely recognized handbooks on capacity assessment—one for lawyers, one for judges, and one for psychologists.

Married taxpayers must carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing spousal lifetime access trusts.

Setting up and operating a WiFi network entails less effort than ever before, but it does require that you give some thought to ethical, practical, and safety considerations in your professional and personal lives.

Lawyers who represent elderly clients, or who themselves become clients and might need some assistance, should remember the attorney-client privilege's narrowness and fragility.


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