Summer 2014: Home Sweet Home—
Real Estate Issues Affecting the Elderly

A Guide to Shared and Communal Housing for the Elderly


A Guide to Shared and Communal Housing for the Elderly

Shared housing and communal living are becoming increasingly attractive options among seniors because of the numerous benefits: inexpensive rent, shared responsibilities, resource-efficiency, independence, and companionship.

In this issue, Experience takes a close look at the issue and options facing older clients as they deal with their desire to stay in their homes as long as possible. An AARP survey indicates that as many as 86 percent of older adults wish to do so.

This article looks at consumer protection issues, the interrelationship between the home and a variety of government benefits, and technology that may enable an elderly person to remain in the place where the heart resides for much longer than used to be possible.

In 2009, I began doing more work abroad, advising election management bodies on the electoral dispute resolution process. In Afghanistan, much has been accomplished to nurture the democratic electoral process, but much remains to be done to sustain it.

I recently visited my friend and former commander, William Suter, the first person drawn from the military to serve as clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court. He discussed his role and duties at the Court, as well as its early history and long quest for a home “of its own.”

I find it very interesting that so many more people find it a larger psychological hurdle to use an assistive listening device than to use glasses or contact lenses. Listening devices have become unobtrusive in recent years and, in many cases, almost undetectable.

Ron Kaufman, CEO of The Ron Kaufman Companies, a San Francisco-based company specializing in investment, development, and rental or sale of commercial real estate for private investors, discusses whether and how to invest.

Real estate lawyers may confront some thorny ethics issues more frequently than other lawyers. A real estate practice can provide a lucrative and rewarding legal career, but state-specific ethics attitudes can provide special challenges.


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