Section of Dispute Resolution

American Bar Association
Section of Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Magazine
Winter 98 Issue (Volume 5, Number 2)

Selected Articles:

Focus on Confidentiality in Mediation
bulletChoppy Waters for a Movement Toward Uniform Confidentiality Privilege
By Richard C. Reuben and Nancy H. Rogers
bulletA Mediation Privilege Should Be Both Absolute and Qualified
By Alan Kirtley
bulletConfidentiality in Federal Agency ADR: A Troubling Decision
By Charles Pou Jr.
bulletConfidential, More or Less
By Christopher Honeyman
bulletA Closer Look Shows No Case for Privilege
By Scott H. Hughes
bulletConfidentiality Protection: An Open Question in Federal Courts
By Charles W. Ehrhardt
bulletA Place for Privacy: Media Creates Special Problems for Mediation
By Lawrence H. Hoover Jr.
bulletNo Place for Secrecy: Media Should Be Permitted Access
By Jane E. Kirtley
bulletMedia Access Needs To Be Well Managed
By Lemoine D. Pierce
bulletPractitioner's Notebook: Why ADR Providers May Want to Leave the Firm
By John Bickerman
bulletPeer Mediation: Lawyers March for School Peace
By Jack C. Hanna
bulletLegislative Update
By R. Larson Frisby
bulletBook Reviews
By James B. Boskey
bulletADR News & Resources
By James B. Boskey
bulletThe ADR Calendar
bulletThe Lighter Side
The Model Mediation Statute
By Leonard L. Riskin
bulletCartoon Captioning Contest
By John Barkai